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Body Treatments

  Body Massage

When you are ready for a deeply relaxing escape from your busy life, what could be more enjoyable than body massage, one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy? Whether you choose a full body massage or a more specialised massage therapy (or both), this is a wonderful way to help enhance your health and well-being. 

How many indulgences are genuinely affordable, healthy, fun and guaranteed to take you away
from the 
trials and tribulations of daily life? As well as making a fabulous treat, a relaxing massage is good for you.

The benefits of regular body massage by a trained massage therapist include the following:

Stress reduction

 An aid to relaxation

Full body massage can improve circulation

Better posture

Improved flexibility

Strengthening of the immune system

Relaxing massage counters depression

Back and Shoulder Massage                  25 minutes               £22

Helps release any tension from your back and neck area.

Tension Release Massage                      45 minutes               £35

Helps release any tension from your back, neck and shoulder areas, with an added scalp and facial massage.

Full Body Balance Massage                   60 minutes               £45

A full one hour body massage to totally relax and de-stress.

Back Purification                                     45 minutes               £35

De-stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with this relaxing back treatment. 

Detoxifying Mud Wrap

Detoxifying Mud Wrap                             60 minutes               £50

Stimulate circulation while smoothing skin with this body wrap therapy that promotes skin nourishment. Rest in a warming wrap that induces blood circulation all while encouraging absorption of nourishing botanicals.

Hot Stone Massage

Imagine the sensation of smooth, hot stones on your skin, either alone or combined with other therapies as a luxurious hot stone massage. Just imagining those hot stones on your body should start your relaxation; the reality of our hot stones therapy is infinitely more enjoyable.

How hot stone massage works:

The theory behind hot stone therapy is that heated stones (up to 55°F) can elicit the following benefits: 

physical healing

mental calmness

spiritual connection to the earth’s energy

improved circulation

soothing deep tissue therapy  

What should I expect from my treatment?

First, your therapist will gently place warmed stones on your body to rebalance your energy and provide physical and mental therapy. The stones can also be used to mark places identified for localised trigger-point treatment. Depending on your chosen therapy, enjoy the combined hot stones therapy and massage.

Hot Stone Back Therapy             40 minutes               £44

Hot Stone Body Experience       60 minutes               £55