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Gel Polish
A Gel nail treatment offers clients a chip, scratch, fade and smudge proof polish that lasts for up to
two weeks. The product is applied like a varnish but is then cured under a UV lamp to give
great flexibility durability and a shine that will last.

We offer over a large range colours and shades, including pearised and glitter colours of
Gelicure and IBD Gel polish for both manicures and pedicures.

Ideal for holidays, weddings and special occasions
Gives extra strength and longevity to your manicure
Dries instantly!
Lasts approximately 2 weeks

Pedicures - no need for flip flops - shoes can be put on immediately!!! 

Removal                                                                      £10

          Gel Polish Application on hands or feet                       £25

          Gel Polish Manicure                                                     £40

          Gel Polish Pedicure                                                      £45

         Gel Polish Paraffin Pedicure                                         £50