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Imagine how good you’ll feel after one (or more) of our foot pedicure treatments:

File and polish                                  £17

        Pedicure                                            £25        

You can arrange pedicures on their own, or combine them with a foot massage, reflexology or one of the many
other indulgences we offer. Whether you take 30 minutes out of a busy schedule for a quick file and
polish, or allow a while longer for our deluxe pedicure, our professional therapists have
the skills and experience to make your feet and toes feel wonderful.

Deluxe Pedicure

Don’t rush this one! Allow plenty of time to relax while your therapist gives you the ultimate
in luxurious pedicure treatments:

Exfoliating foot scrub

Warm paraffin wax  or nourishing masque

Alleviate aches and stiffness in feet and improve circulation

  Deluxe Pedicur                            £30