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Spray Tanning – He Shi

With many of us striving for a healthy tan, professional spray tanning, or fake tanning, is a safe and effective
way to enjoy an exotic glow all year. And with modern knowledge about sun exposure, and concerns
about UV tanning, thank goodness such a body-friendly and easily applied tan is available.

Our spray tanning offers you many benefits as you gently and safely darken
your skin with the proven He Shi system: 

It avoids sunlight – reducing the risk of skin damage or cancer

  • Spray tanning salons offer safer tanning than UV

  • Built-in moisturisers give a wonderful glow

  • Skilled therapists and proven products give you peace of mind

  • Quick application gives you a beautiful tan in minutes

  • Spray tan lets you get on with your day while your gorgeous tan develops

Get the most out of your spray tan with the following tips:  

  • Wear loose or dark clothing
  • Avoid water for at least 4-6 hours after your spray tan
  • You will be provided with disposable knickers to wear during your session, for men please wear boxer shorts
  • Please arrive with no deodorant, perfume or body moisturisers on your skin
  • Ensure you exfoliate thoroughly the night before
  • Avoid sports activity immediately before or after your session
  • Moisturise regularly to optimise the life of your tan

 It’s time for that lovely Natural Mediterranean look!

He Shi Full Body Spray Tan                                            £15

Legs Only                                                                          £10

Upper Body                                                                       £10