Huntingdon, Massage, Hot Stone, Beauty salon

Foot Massage

20 minutes     £20.00

Ease your tired aching feet with a 20 minute foot massage

Back and Shoulder Massage
25 minutes   £25.00
Helps release any tension from your back and neck area.

Tension Release Massage
45 minutes   £36.00
​Helps release any tension from your back, neck and shoulder areas, with an added scalp and facial massage or a lower leg massage.

Full Body Balance Massage
60 minutes   £47.00 
A full one hour body massage to totally relax and de-stress.

Full Body Face and Head Massage
75 minutes   £54.00
A full body massage to totally relax and de-stress, with an added facial and head massage.

Hot Stone Therapy

Beauty salon Huntingdon, Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Back Therapy
40 minutes   £44.00

Hot Stone Body Experience
60 minutes   ​£56.00​

Imagine the sensation of smooth, hot stones on your skin, either alone or combined with other therapies as a luxurious hot stone massage. Just imagining those hot stones on your body should start your relaxation; the reality of our hot stones therapy is infinitely more enjoyable.How hot stone massage works
The theory behind hot stone therapy is that heated stones (up to 55°F) can elicit the following benefits: 

  • physical healing

  • mental calmness

  • spiritual connection to the earth’s energy

  • improved circulation

  • soothing deep tissue therapy  ​